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  • Dealers Driving For Excellence (pt. 2 Digital Toolkit)

    Thursday, October 20, 2:15PM-3:30PM

    Join Power Equipment Trade's Jessica Johnson and Jacqlyn Kirkland as they break down everything you’ve wanted to ask, but didn’t have enough confidence too.

    Things like how exactly do you get started with digital marketing—have you delayed building an online presence for your dealership because you are intimidated by digital marketing? Jacqlyn Kirkland will lead you through examples of digital marketing platforms and how they can help in building your dealership’s online presence; she’ll even walk you through the advantages of having a website and explain the easy (and cheap!) process of building it in-house. You might think of Google as just a search engine that displays the top 10 results. But if your dealership wants to drive local search traffic to an offline local business, you should take a closer look at what Google has to offer. Jacqlyn will also show you where to find the Google products and tools that will help your dealership move forward and reach your goals. Jacqlyn and Jessica will be joined by dealers to give a little real-world perspective from those that are doing it well. This is designed to be a panel discussion, so make sure to bring your questions!


    Speakers: PET’s Jessica Johnson and Jacqlyn Kirkland

    Presented By:


    Dealers Driving For Excellence (pt. 2 Digital Toolkit)-d9569963-3b79-405a-9025-73f4df759e34
    Dealers Driving For Excellence (pt. 2 Digital Toolkit)-d9569963-3b79-405a-9025-73f4df759e34

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