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  • Our Industry's Family Reunion

    Equip Exposition is a family reunion for the outdoor power equipment industry. While some families have been attending together through the generations, the bonds created at the show aren’t defined by last names or lineage.

    By bringing together such a diverse spectrum of industry professionals in one place, Equip Exposition highlights our common ground and shared experience to make the industry feel more like family. Long-term friendships and lucrative partnerships frequently begin here, as the show’s exciting buzz cultivates a camaraderie that keeps people connected through the years.

    Attendees often come back just to catch up with old friends and vendors who they might only see once a year at Equip Exposition.

    Trust us — this is by far the most exciting, least awkward family reunion you’ll ever attend.

    Whether you’re bringing relatives who work in your family business or an unrelated team of managers who’ve been working with you so long they feel like family members, Equip Exposition offers opportunities to connect and expand your network. Take it from these businesses, who have been bringing their kin along to Equip Exposition for years.

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    Our Industry's Family Reunion-49e6beb3-5dc3-4089-b3ac-21d748c8535f

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    Equip Exposition, co-located with Hardscape North America, is the premiere tradeshow for landscape contractors, outdoor power equipment dealers, distributors, and manufacturers. In 2022, Equip Exposition will offer expanded education opportunities and features to enhance the exhibitor and attendee experience.


    Equip Exposition is our industry's family reunion. Don't miss your chance to reconnect this October.

    Louisville has always served as the place to showcase new products, services, and ideas to lawn and landscape professionals. Equip Exposition is committed to continuing that tradition this October. Take a look and see what's new in 2022.

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