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  • Let Your Talent Strategy Be a Competitive Advantage

    Friday, Oct. 21, 8:00AM- 9:15AM

    Businesses today are painfully aware of the fact that there are more available jobs than there are people to fill them.

    This presentation will help give you the tools and tactics to help relieve that pain point. It will touch on recruitment marketing and how your hiring strategy can be a competitive advantage. By attending, you will obtain the necessary skills and understanding to implement a talent acquisition strategy so that you can attract and retain the most qualified applicants. Branding and sourcing strategies, behavioral interviewing techniques, and relevant retention objectives will be explored to enhance your ability to make effective hiring decisions.

    Learning Objectives:

    In this presentation, you will learn that there is more to hiring than posting an ad and hoping for the best:

    • You will explore recruitment marketing, its difference from marketing for customers, and how a strong employment brand attracts the most qualified applicants.
    • You will recognize the importance of assessing the current hiring landscape and talent planning.
    • You learn how to develop and implement a talent acquisition strategy that creates a positive candidate experience throughout the talent acquisition life-cycle.
    • You will identify how to effectively source, interview and evaluate candidates through interviews.

    Speaker Bio:

    ShayLynn Ager, SPHR has devoted 30+ years to actively learning and experiencing talent management from both sides of the HR desk, giving the pink slips, and receiving pink slips. This experience along with the diversity of industries, roles, education, and business models she has worked in, has built a toolbox that create allows her to create balance between business needs and people needs. She has spent years curating the best talent for the best companies because she believes that people are the organization.

    ShayLynn is currently using her HR Superpowers as a Talent Manager to create a thriving community of empowered employees who improve urban ecosystems at Rainbow Tree Company, headquartered in Minnesota. When she is not working, she enjoys time on the family farm or relaxing in the urban ecosystem that is her backyard.

    Fee: $85

    Presented By:

    Let Your Talent Strategy Be a Competitive Advantage-a40127aa-340f-4b9f-96c2-ba64ef455ea6
    Let Your Talent Strategy Be a Competitive Advantage-a40127aa-340f-4b9f-96c2-ba64ef455ea6

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    Equip Exposition is the experience of the year for the outdoor living, landscape and power equipment industry. It’s the industry’s proving ground. The one trade show where you can “test before you invest” in new products, innovations and even ideas for your business. Talk to the minds behind the products and tech—then walk outside to the nearly 30 acre Demo Yard to try it out. Add the education sessions, entertainment and networking, it’s basically where you’ll find the future of the business, right in Louisville.

    Education tracks focused on Leadership, Technology, Profitability, Growing Your Team, Pool and Spa, Landscape Lighting, Tree Care, and Hardscaping.

    Register for Equip Exposition,the most comprehensive, immersive and largest outdoor living trade show.

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