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    Outdoor Demo Yard

    Expo is the only place where you can explore nearly 30 acres of demo yard.

    What sets Equip Exposition apart from any other trade show or conference in the industry is the nearly 30 acres of Outdoor Demo Yard just out the back door of the Kentucky Exposition Center.

    When you’re at Expo, you’re steps away from the opportunity to test out the industry’s latest products—hands-on and in person. This isn’t a walk-around. It’s getting behind the wheel, standing at the controls, putting your hands on the equipment.

    For 2022, we’ve added nearly eight acres to the Outdoor Demo Yard, and extended the time it’s open, so attendees have more time to get outside. Check out the next few pages to see what the Expo experience is like.

    Outdoor Show Hours
    Open to all attendees

    Wednesday, Oct. 19
    12 PM – 5 PM

    Thursday, Oct. 20
    9 AM – 5 PM

    Friday, Oct. 21
    9 AM – 1 PM

    "Us landscapers like to play on toys right? We like to go outside and get dirty.”

    Outdoor Demo Yard-a6eeb2f9-84bc-4ae1-91d0-9780bb668dc1
    Outdoor Demo Yard-a6eeb2f9-84bc-4ae1-91d0-9780bb668dc1

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